Sunday Tanning is a series using various animation techniques such as, frame-by-frame animation, sprite sheet animation and tween animation. The series tells the story of a hot Sunday afternoon. It could even be described as the hottest day of the year. Granny Marth decides that the best thing to cope with a fiery blazing sun is drinking a martini and chilling by the pool. Dressed in her finest blue polka dotted swimsuit, Martha walks to the pool. Hopping onto her favourite donut floaty, she calmly sways in the pool from side to side. However, all of a sudden a bee appears and won’t stop flying around her drink. Wait a minute, is that bee flying backwards?

Scorching Sun - Scorching sun is an animated GIF created by using frame-by-frame animation technique. She is a character that is hot and fiery, and simply having a #girlboss moment by showcasing a profound amount of blazing sunlight.
Granny Martha- Granny Martha is a vibrant 80 year old woman animated in CSS using a four-frame walk cycle sprite sheet.
Poolside Chillin - In her polka dotted swimsuit, and a martini in hand. Granny Martha is relaxing by the pool is another animated GIF using the frame-by-frame animation technique.
Backwards Bee - That backwards flying bee is another character created with the use of a Javascipt library and SVG illustration. sheet.